The Business Owner And Internet Marketing

It the 21st century marketing a brick and mortar business is different that it use to be. In the past business owners will rely on the print media in their local areas and see the clients or the response trickling in.

The other alternative was to do a television commercial and have it role for a while. By doing this the business owner is able to build a brand in no time. These various advertising methods still work in no uncertain terms. However, the 21st century has provided a new dimension as to where the business owner’s customers may be.

The internet has come to be a part of our generation. These days people a business with work and family. The little time they get, they try to make good use of it. They tending to hangout on various platforms that they can be informed, educated and entertained at the same time. It is no wonder that social media sites like and has become very popular to the new generation.

There is still a long way to go to get most of the population of the world to be internet compliant. It is also true to that at the rate at which the internet is growing, business owners cannot afford not to jump on the bad wagon to get the products in the face of the potential clients.

Cost Per Click

One way for a business owner to take advantage of the internet is to do pay-per-click. This is the form of advertising where the business owner buys adverts to be shown to potential clients on various platforms by content providers. The business owner or advertiser pays when a potential client clicks on the advert. He does not make any payment unless his ad is click by a customer.

Cost per Impression

He can also signed up for cost per impression. This has cost to do more with the eye ball. That is the number of people who saw your advert. There is the advert is seen by millions of people then the business owner is billed by the number of times the advert was served.


Some business owners today are engaging their clients by blogging. This way they provide good quality content to the clients to make sure they are well informed about the latest trend in the business and how they can use the latest for of technology to benefit their customers.

One such firm using all these tactics is a Laredo Texas roofing company. It uses the various platforms to engage customers and also to acquire new one.