Ghana Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is getting traction in Ghana. Many business are looking for ways to take advantage of the power of using social media to increase their revenue. The difficulty is how to go about it. Many business owner do not know who to go about it.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Some business owner have done the right thing by engaging digital marketing specialist to handle their social media content. They mainly work on instagram and facebook. One of the things digital marketing expects help business owners to get is like aand shares on facebook. Likes and share might make your fan page popular but how does it translate into customers at your business.

Start with Google.

This is where is see things a bit different. Google is where i start my digital marketing campaign. This because when potential customers are looking for things to buy, they first do their research on google and not on any other platform.

One you get your website ranking on google, the potential customers can easily click to your website. So the strategy is once    the visit your website you can them re-targeting them on social media sites to bring them back to your website. This will increase your chances of the them buying whatever you are selling.

The Strategy 

So the strategy should look like this.. Google – website – facebook – website. Follow this strategy and you will be successful.

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