The Business of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very grey area for most business owners Ghana. They have no clue as to how google ranks a website.
Truth be told the so called expects in the internet marking space struggle to catch up with what is happening with all the google updates.
To get your site index in the search engine of Google, Yahoo and Bing, there are certain rules you must follow to make your site credible and acceptable by these giants in search.

First, you must provide great content. Great content is the Holy Grail for achieving ethical SEO and benefit from your online marketing. Visitors to your site are going to love your content and they keep coming back.

Social Juice

Secondly, you must have some social signal coming to your website. Sites like, can do you a lot of good in the eyes of google.
Some of these site have high domain authority and if you have some their links pointing to your site it helps to establish credibility. The other advantage is that these social media sites will provide a platform to you to interact with your customers.


Link building with social Media

Thirdly, you should have out bound links from your website eg. linking to authority sites like CNN. Ensure that these out bound link are done will with the proper anchor text and are relevant to your niche or subject you are discussing. Please check our Accraseo twitter page.

No Spamming with Ethical SEO

In ethical Search engine optimization – spamming is a no go area. Do not over stuff your article with keywords. A 400 page containing about 5 percent of your key words should suffice.
Anything beyond that could be considered as spamming.

Many people may encourage you to do more than the 5 percentage allowance. It is possible to get away with it. All that I am saying is be cautious and use good judgment.

Remember content is king as they say. If you provide great stuff to your customers or website visitors you will be amaze at the hits you get to your site.

How do you use social media for ethical SEO?

Take for example It is a free to. Once you sign up for it, you create a page and use to brand your company. You have to take your time to optimize the page in the settings area to reflect the brand you want your customers to patronize. Put a nice picture of yourself or brand on your profile. This way your customs do not hassle to find what the page is all about when they are there.
You can use and video to serve the same purpose. please check our accraseo youtube video. With video you can actually create a video for your social media marketing. Find out more from Accra SEO company